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Vinda Platinum Washable Kitchen Roll (85s)

MYR 11.45 MYR 10.90

Vinda Platinum Washable Kitchen Roll (85s)

MYR 10.90

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One Sheet is enough to perform wonders!
Vinda Platinum Kitchen Towel Rolls are crafted with new innovative Power-X Technology that makes it durably Strong even when wet, washable up to 3 times; superior absorbency against  8 times more oil and water, efficient and clean against 7 types of stubborn spills (i.e. water, oil stain, soup, milk, tomato sauce, soy sauce, fruit jam).
Each sheet is strengthened with honeycomb structure, made with sustainably sourced 100% virgin pulp. With no added OBA, each sheet undergoes high heat sterilisation for safe usage on food (*LFGB Standard, Germany for food safe contact), 3ply premium thickness.  

Each pack contains 1 roll, 85 sheets per roll

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