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Vinda Deluxe Soft Pack Kitchen Towel (6x80s)

MYR 19.80 MYR 15.00

Vinda Deluxe Soft Pack Kitchen Towel (6x80s)

MYR 15.00

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Every sheet of Vinda Deluxe Tissue is made with our signature Knitted Fiber Technology, making it Extra Strong, Extra Soft, Extra Absorbent.

Strong even when wet, doesn't tear and leave bits. Vinda Deluxe Kitchen Towel is Food Safe certified by Germany LFGB standards, comes in softpack format that is convenient to use & protected for your hygiene.

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Favorite kitchen towel brand
Have been using different brand of kitchen towel and this is definitely the best! Love how it is sturdy and thick enough to withstand ripe and tear when i’m cleaning my kitchen countertop, stove and oven. Its stellar absorbency makes my cleaning after each cooking so much easier and time saving. Also, it is safe on food without harmful brightening agents, which gives me peace of mind when preparing food. My all time fave!