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Skinature Pants By Drypers M 38S

MYR 62.25 MYR 45.00

Skinature Pants By Drypers M 38S

MYR 45.00

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Our NEW Skinature By Drypers Pants is engineered with Derma Care Technologyル that is a combination of soft & breathable materials with special care technology keeping babyメs skin dry. It is gentle for all skin types and even hypoallergenic for sensitive skin that is prone to EU26 allergens!

Free From Allergens

Free From chlorine, fragrance & EU26 Allergens which may cause skin irritation.

Premium Softness inside-out such as softer air-through back sheet, softer loop, softer leg cuffs, softer waist, and softer elastics.

Speedy Absorption up to 12hour Dryness - absorbs & distributes the urine more effectively to prevent flowback, keeping the diaper surface and babyメs skin dry so to prevents skin irritation.

100% More Air Space* to minimize the diaperメs contact with the skin and more airy, less stuffiness!

*Air space is calculated in comparison to Drypers Touch

The Prefect Grip and Perfect FIT for good grip on the waist, anti-sag, and double leak guards to prevents leakages.

Wetness Indicator to remind parents to change when it turns from yellow to green!

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