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Skinature By Drypers L 38S

MYR 62.25 MYR 50.00

Skinature By Drypers L 38S

MYR 50.00

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  • Skinature by Drypers is a super premium diaper with Derma-Care Technology that provides the best care for your baby. It’s gentle even on baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is free from EU26 Allergens, Chlorine and Fragrance to keeps your baby’s delicate skins free from irritations.
  • The diaper material is super soft and this Premium Softness inside out provides gentle protection to your baby’s skin.
  • 100% more airspace that allows baby’s skin to breath and less stuffiness.
  • Dual leak guards provide double protection to prevent urine leakage.
  • Designed with strong absorbent core for speedy absorption and dries up super fast after baby urinated. Stays dry for long hour & reduce skin allergy.
  • And the new wetness indicator gives a good hand to remind parents time to change a new diaper when the color changed from yellow to green.
  • It has 6X more stretchable waist material & customized to fit your baby’s size so that they can develop freely.
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Lampin pakai buang paling selesa
Lampin yang sangat selesa untuk kegunaan anak. Anak berumur 3 tahun menggunakan lampin ini dari jam 8 malam hingga 11pagi tanpa sebarang kebocoran & tanpa ada kemerahan di punggung anak. Nipis peredaran udara yang bagus & tahan lasak. Saiz juga agak besar. Jadi anak saya boleh pakai saiz M sebenarnya. Puas hati. Cuma harga agak mahal. Tu sahaja

I can't review this product because my daughter at johor with my mother... Product with me pkp continues i cannot see my daughter...

Skinature by Drypers
Lampin pakai buang dengan jenama yang sangat diyakini. Setanding kualiti pengalaman memakaikan anak kecil dengan Skinature bu Drypers memberikan pengalaman yang menarik kerana anak kecil saya sangat selesa dan sangat mesra dengan kulit.

Skinature by Drypers
Approve by mummy & baby! So soft & comfy on baby's skin. Does not cause nasty rashes when wear for long period & great absorbency.

Feels very lightweight and soft!
The Skinature diaper by @drypersmy definitely has a softer and lighter feel than your normal diaper. Which means it is very delicate and gentle to my baby's sensitive skin. He looks happy and comfortable wearing it he probably doesn't feel like he's wearing anything! I also love that it has a wetness detector and has a speedy absorption so my baby's skin is always dry throughout the day. 💜#skinature #drypers #diaper #tryandreview #tryandreviewmy #drypersmalaysia

Ultra soft and comfrotable
Tried on my baby and it is incredibly soft. I changed my baby diaper at 8PM and it last until 10AM the next day.

As soft as the baby's skin!
Upon receiving the Skinature by Drypers i was amazed on how soft the texture is! It surely live up to its name SKINature had my baby boy tried it and it sure is lighter and able to hold up for long hours! Bonus it doesn't look thick even after a long night usage. Mommy loves! Definitely getting this for my soon to be born baby girl

soft & gentle to all skin types even on sensitive skin
a good diaper should be very soft and made up of breathable materials that keeps the baby skin dry and free from allergens through out the day. and skinature by drypers is indeed proved very soft and gentle to all skin types even on sensitive skin. it has an indicator which turns yellow to green when its time to change diapers. featuring the double sided protection that prevent leak up to 10 hours gives me peace of mind. a speedy absorption is the best feature that ensure my baby feels dry comfortable and active all day long!

I think it is very soft and light for my baby. The cutting is quit big than normal but is it still fit to my baby. Surprisingly see how the diapers have a very good absorption mechanism with its thin soft and light characteristic. With this there is no leaking and no irritation. I love the skinature by drypers on how they offers enjoyable moments.

Pampers lembut dan sesuai untuk kulit baby yang lembut
Tiada lagi ruam lampin bila guna pampers skinnature ni sangat sesuai untuk anak yang kulit sensitif anak selesa bila guna pampers skinnature