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Intimawear By Libresse L Size 1S

MYR 94.40 MYR 89.90

Intimawear By Libresse L Size 1S

MYR 89.90

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Welcome a new, simple way of perioding with intimawear™ by Libresse®. Combining the absorption power of TriTech Performance with the comfort and freedom of your normal underwear. Just put on intimawear™ by Libresse®, let your body do its thing and let the underwear do the rest.

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Best Product Ever!
I have always been wary with reusable pads but at the same time am aware of the impact my pad usage has on the environment.

This product solved it for me. When I first tried it, my thought was "should this feel so good, so sexy - cos it does." The satin material makes it so comfortable to wear, and you don't feel that there is a pad, it is so secure. The cleaning of it is easy, just 3 steps.

Highly recommended product!