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Drypers Wee Wee Dry XXL (4x40s)

MYR 195.20 MYR 135.00

Drypers Wee Wee Dry XXL (4x40s)

MYR 135.00

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Our NEW Drypers Wee Wee Dry with improved DRY & FIT coupled with NEW PRO-SKIN™ pH balanced layer which protects baby from skin irritation that is exclusively made for Singapore!

With 6 SpeedyDryLayers™ effectively absorbs, distributes, and locks in urine to keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable for up to 16 hours dryness. Enhanced with the NEW PRO-SKIN™ pH Balanced Layer helps to protect baby from skin irritation. It also come with tailored FIT for babies at different growth stages from laydown, crawling to running about, provide great fit & leakage protection as baby grows & discovers the world around him/her.

New added in wetness indicator feature to remind parents to change when it turns from yellow to green! What’s more? It is ECO-GREEN with USDA certified, both our diaper bag & box can be recycled with the relevant recycle system, our commitment to caring for baby & nature.

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Drypers terbaik
Lampin Drypers diperbuat daripada material yang lembut dan sangat selesa. Sebagai seorang ibu, saya tidak lagi risau kerana lampin keluaran DrypersMalaysia melindungi anak saya dari kebocoran ????. Terima kasih Drypers Malaysia ????