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Vinda Multi-purpose Disinfecting Wipes (80s)

MYR 18.00

Vinda Multi-purpose Disinfecting Wipes (80s)

MYR 18.00

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  • Kills Coronavirus and 99.9% of other viruses and germs including but not limited to Influenza Virus, E. coli and S. aureus.
  • One wipe is all it takes to break down the protective layer of viruses & germs to kill them effectively.
  • Multi-purpose usage for any surfaces, in-home and away
  • While it is strong on the nasties, it is dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin
  • Free from alcohol & bleach so it does not dry up and irritate the skin and is not corrosive to skin or any surfaces
  • Designed with Hydro Bond Technology so it stays strong when wet for any surface
  • Vinda Multi-purpose Disinfecting Wipes comes in 80 sheets per pack with a secure hard cover moisture-seal.
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