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Skinature by Drypers XL 32s


Skinature by Drypers XL 32s

MYR 55.90

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  • Skinature by Drypers is a super premium diaper with Derma-Care Technology that provides the best care for your baby. It’s gentle even on baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is free from EU26 Allergens, Chlorine and Fragrance to keeps your baby’s delicate skins free from irritations.
  • The diaper material is super soft and this Premium Softness inside out provides gentle protection to your baby’s skin.
  • 100% more airspace that allows baby’s skin to breath and less stuffiness.
  • Dual leak guards provide double protection to prevent urine leakage.
  • Designed with strong absorbent core for speedy absorption and dries up super fast after baby urinated. Stays dry for long hour & reduce skin allergy.
  • And the new wetness indicator gives a good hand to remind parents time to change a new diaper when the color changed from yellow to green.
  • It has 6X more stretchable waist material & customized to fit your baby’s size so that they can develop freely.
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Soft and Thin Diaper
Very soft and thin diaper my toddler feels good when he wear the Skinature by Drypers Diaper. However not suitable for him to wear at night due to too thin and cause leak.

Super soft diapers
When i first touch on the drypers skinature i am amazed with softness of the material. The design is cute and the baby likes it so much!

Kelembutan Terunggul
Skinature by Drypers lampin yang sangat berkualiti dan lembut ia memberikan keselesaan dan kelembutan pada kulit si manja agar tidak kemerahan dengan penyerapan pantas bagi memastikan kulitnya sentiasa bersih dan kering seharian!

skinature by drypers
sangat lembut dan selesa tapi dapat hanya 2 keping dan bila saya bagi anak pakai dia terus buang air besar jadi saya cuba beri pakai kembali pada waktu malam dan nampaknya sepanjang malam anak tidur dengan lena tanpa perlu menukar pampers

Good absorbtion and soft texture
Drypers skinature diapers having soft texture gentle for sensitive skin no irritation on baby's skin. No leakage issue after 12hours overnight sleeping.