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Skinature by Drypers M 44s

MYR 50.00

Skinature by Drypers M 44s

MYR 50.00

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  • Skinature by Drypers is a super premium diaper with Derma-Care Technology that provides the best care for your baby. It’s gentle even on baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It is free from EU26 Allergens, Chlorine and Fragrance to keeps your baby’s delicate skins free from irritations.
  • The diaper material is super soft and this Premium Softness inside out provides gentle protection to your baby’s skin.
  • 100% more airspace that allows baby’s skin to breath and less stuffiness.
  • Dual leak guards provide double protection to prevent urine leakage.
  • Designed with strong absorbent core for speedy absorption and dries up super fast after baby urinated. Stays dry for long hour & reduce skin allergy.
  • And the new wetness indicator gives a good hand to remind parents time to change a new diaper when the color changed from yellow to green.
  • It has 6X more stretchable waist material & customized to fit your baby’s size so that they can develop freely.
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Firstly it is very soft and thin to touch on. Even after 14 hours of wearing (overnight) and poo in the morning there is NO leakage! It does not feel heavy as well. Great absorbency! Just that it is pricey... otherwise it is a great product. Would definitely purchase it if my financial situation allows.

Very soft like baby skin
When I opened this diaper it was soft. This is the first diaper I found that was very soft. Me and my baby really like it!

Drypers Skinature
Recent tried this diaper on my lil boy's butt. The super thin diaper that I had ever bought and tried for my baby. Although it's thin but the absorption is too great. The thinness which is very soft and gentle for lil one's butt

soft diapers
the cutting is big and it is really very soft diapers that won't causes marks on my baby leg or butt

gentle material pampers
the soft and breathable material of signature by pampers keeping my baby's skin dry and no redness or no rashess.

Soft & gentle to baby skin
Thin with Good absorption. Cotton is soft & gentle to baby skin. Comes with line indicator which helps to indicate when to change the diaper

Breathable and soft quality
Skinature diaper size is bigger than weewee dry and drypers for the same weight range. I love it's breathable quality super thin and did not leak throughout the night. Most importantly my baby did not experience allergic or rashes after use. Highly recommended for those looking for thin with superb quality. Thumbs up!!

Skinature drypers review
First of all thank you for giving me the free drypers sample. Have used up the 2 drypers 1 during daytime and 1 during night time. Drypers is good no leaking and baby skin dont have rashes even after long hours use.

Skinature by drypers
Skinature by Drypers has one of the softest materials I have ever felt in a diaper. The premium materials contribute to great absorbency leaving me in peace knowing my baby is not in any discomfort. It's chlorine and fragrance free leave me free of mind on the safe use for longer period. Cute design diapers with Wetness indicator gives me free of mind to know when it's time to change it.

Less time for diaper changing and more time love and hugs
super softsuper comfy a brand new experience i would say trying out this product. i am very sure that this is the diaper that most parents are looking for. i love the cutting of the diaper as its very wide compare to other diapers i tried on my son.