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Drypers Touch NB (3x80s)

MYR 160.40 MYR 140.00

Drypers Touch NB (3x80s)

MYR 140.00

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Inspired by the loving touch between parents and baby, Drypers Touch is the premium diaper range under Drypers family that offers excellent absorbency and leakage prevention. Developed with Pro Skin Technology - our skin loving innovation designed for friction-free* premium softness and breathability, to ensure that your baby gets the ultimate comfort.

Suitable for babies 0 - 5 kg, Drypers Touch Newborn comes with a unique Stool LockTM System that directs and locks poo away securely from your baby's skin, protecting even the most sensitive baby's skin. It is also designed with naval care - a cut out design that helps to protect against friction on the umbilical cord stump, preventing redness and irritation around your baby's naval.

Other features include:

  • DrySoftTM Absorption Core: Coated with micro PeeLockTM that absorbs, directs and locks away liquid for up to 12 hours of secured dryness.
  • Premium SoftwaveTM Layer: 5000 thread counts of DrySoftTM fibers soft-bonded together to create a premium friction-free* layer of smoothness & softness to gently protect your baby's skin.
  • Anti-chafing Soft Leakage Barriers: Highly effective anti-leakage barriers designed at optimal height & softness to prevent red marks from chafing around the legs
  • Leakage Indicator: Changes from yellow to blue to help you know when to change, to give the best skin condition for your baby without changing too often.
  • 5x** softer & 100%** more breathable fastening system that hugs the contours of your baby's tummy to ensure a tailored fit for the ultimate comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic & suitable for sensitive skin
  • Free from Allergens: Free from EU26 allergens, latex, elemental chlorine and fragrance

*Based on internal lab evaluation. ** Compared to knitted loop/ Drypers Wee Wee Dry.

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